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A while ago I canceled our cable TV and over the years I have found
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Monday, March 21, 2011


I am going to stop my blogging. I had fun with thisfor a while, but have other things that have taken my attention. Thank you to those of you that have subscribed and followed more-w-less I hope you have connected with some artists that you enjoy.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Alternative Past

Growing up a good friend introduced me to three bands that changed how I forever listened to music. These three bands were Depeche Mode, New Order and Duran Duran. My friend copied a tape for me with their songs and I listened to that tape for years. Now as I referred to, in a previous blog,  I grew up in the hills of the Ozarks and you can imagine how my interest in "New Wave" music was accepted by my peers. Three years of swirlies later my family moved out of hill country and moved to … Iowa.

I know for most people Iowa doesn’t shout metropolitan, but my family actually moved to a good sized city and I had opportunities that I had no previous exposure to. I was far more in my element in the city then I was in a small town. The people in Iowa were more accepting of me then where I had grown up and my small townness seemed to set people at ease.

Through someone that would eventually become a very close friend I was introduced to a new world of music, dancing, clubs, bands and vice. I worked in nightclubs with some bands that would eventually become stars of grunge, alternative, and industrial genre of music.

“My Future Lies” is an alternative band from Australia that reminds me of the 80’s. Luck Lukess is the singer, songwriter, guitar player for the three piece band. “My Future Lies” has been playing venues for nearly six years and has three albums all independently produced. On of my favorite songs is Summer Rain

(You may have to refresh your brouser to load the mp3 players on the page.)

Lukess has produced songs played on MTV, The Apprentice, and more recently MTV's reality series Freshwater Blue which features 6 of his tunes. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to “My Future Lies” by one of my goallineblitz buddies. This group of  Australians have a song called Miss American Girl

You can go to "My Future Lies"to find out more about the band or you can check out their myspace page. One of “My Future Lies”best known song here in America is Kissing you in the Driveway.

Do you like “My Future Lies”? Let me know what you think about My Future Lies music in the comments section. If you like “My Future Lies” music you can find more on Itunes, and tell your freinds about their Music; or better yet send your friends a link to More w/ Less and let me tell them about great artists I've found on the internet.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Next Update

Next Udate 3-14-11

Do you know of a self distributed artist that you would like to be spot lighted on More w/ Less? Email me at more_w_less@yahoo.com with a name of the artiest and any possible sources. Thats more_w_less

Pull My Finger

Pull My Finger—I have been watching a delightfully sardonic show that’s aired on Fox called “Raising Hope.” The last episode I watched included a montage of a man and his son's life and the recurring theme of them bonding as the son gleefully pulls his father's finger. Personally I have never been much for lowbrow humor, but I can’t help but crack a smile, even if in disgust, as someone let’s one rip. For men in particular there is something hardwired in us that find’s the inner workings becoming an outer working amusing to no end.

I am the funniest man alive to my son. I lean back in the comfy chair and my sphincter trumpet becomes overly relaxed as I blow that note of pure hilarity; causing my son to harmonize our duet with his angelic giggle. “Daddy you funny,” he inevitably says. And, through my shamefully disgusting act never a sweeter moment have you seen. Having kids renews a man’s appreciation for a good fart joke.

Jack Vale is a comedian from California who also loves a good fart joke. He in fact has 200 clips on you-tube  about farting. Jack travels all over the world taping people’s reactions to him breaking the sound barrier.

Ok! So Jack does many different types of hidden video comedy, not just farting. Mr. Vale really puts himself out there to find those moments that will bring a little chuckle and occasionally he finds that spark of truth where he catches someone totally of-guard.

You can find more of Jack’s clips on You-Tube jackvalefilms where he has a variety of pranks and I’m sure he would love for you to be one of his 120 thousand subscribers.

Do you enjoy video pranks? Post in the comments and let me know. If so, you can follow Jack Vale on histwitter page twitter.com/jackvale or if you would like to experience these pranks first hand you can learn to fart like a pro by going to thepooter.com As always let your friends know about Jack Vale or better yet send them a link to More w/ Less.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hillbilly Heart

So I’m a hillbilly, this is a proclamation I share with most people I’ve known for awhile. My mom was born in Kentucky and married off at age 14. My dad was raised in the hills of West Virginia and his brother’s wife didn’t have to change her last name. I was raised in valley just south west of the Ozarks about 60 miles south of Branson where I grew up fishing, hunting, camping, ect. My family had a large van growing up where I spent many hours reading while listening to my father's music as we drove on family vacations. So as to my father’s taste in music I grew up listening to bluegrass, hymns, gospel, folk music and combination there of and most of it I actually enjoyed.  

Reina DelCid's music is of this ilk. I would classify her music by today’s standard as coffee house music. Her music is personal, usually has a story to tell and very good. Not good because she has the best voice, although her voice is nice with an impressive natural range. Not good because her songs are the best, I often question some of her lyrical choices (although some of her lyrics are genius). What DelCid has is a very skilled ear for blending her music with great alliteration; she blends sounds very well.

Reina also has a great sense of imagery in her lyrics and often shows a rye since of humor in her music. What strikes me are her memorable lyrics and represents what music by truly  independent musicians is suppose to be honest, creative and raw. You can find out more about Reina at her myspce page www.myspace.com/reinadelcid

Reina is hard to present as an artist because many of her songs have different great aspects of her talent to illustrate, but I haven’t found any one of her songs that represent all of her ability. Although a couple of my favorite songs are Wonder and Emily.

Do you like Reina Del Cid's music? Let me know what you think about Reina's music in the comments section. If you like Reina Del Cid's music more can be found on You-tube, tell your freinds about her Music; or better yet send your friends a link to More w/ Less and let me tell them about great artists I've found on the internet.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Run towards the Storm

Canada O’ Canada, since turning my back on paying for cable and beginning my foray into searching the net for entertainment I have come to appreciate Canada a great deal more. I have long been aware of some of the very talented actors in Holywood that have come from Canada, but hadn’t until the last decade given much thought to Canadian televisions, movies or other artists. There are several Canadian television and singers I enjoy and gradually I’m exposed to more.

The Band, “Like A Storm,” are three brothers from Vancouver. The Brooks Brothers are a Hard Alternative Rock group that I came across on you-tube and over the last couple of years  have researched and listened to their music. I’d love to see them live someday, but haven’t had the opportunity to as of yet.

This is one of my favorite songs by them “Enemy”

Like A Storm has been playing since 2005 and in 2010 signed with indie label Prospect Park. The three brothers have played all over Canada and the US and had just recently played in Dallas as they have been oening for Alter Bridge  . You can follow their tour dates on their myspace site LIKASTORM

Like A Storm also has a video of their last albums cover song Chemical Infatuation

You can find out more about Like A Storm on their website http://www.likeastorm.com/ If you like "Like A Sorm" let your friends know, or better yet send them a link to More w/ Less.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

B & B Sketch Comedy

Barats and Bereta is a sketch comedy group consisting of Luke Pierre Barats and Joseph Daniel Bereta. Formed in 2003, the duo originally made videos to amuse friends at Gonzaga University. These videos eventually made it onto their website and onto YouTube and now have over 330 thousand subscribers and almost 100 million views.

Humor is highly subjective and Barats/Bereta is certainly amateurish and over the top, but with nearly 60 sketch’s I think it likely that a handful of them should tickle about any funny bone. I don’t tend to enjoy Dumb & Dumber type humor myself, but I have found many of their sketches entertaining.  

Barats and Bereta have been trying to break into main stream media unsuccessfully. In 2006 NBC signed them to a one year deal, but their pilot wasn’t picked up. They’re currently developing another pilot, but I am uncertain as to who for.

You can find more of Barats and Bereta sketch’s at their web site baratsandbereta.com If you like  Barats and Bereta let your friends know about them or better yet send them a link to More w/ Less.